Even if I cover up now, there will be negative comments, fans say, hearing someone say I won’t give up my love, Honey Rose, Honey Chechi wear the dress of your choice.

Honey Rose is one such star who came from Malayalam and has a huge fan following across South India. Honey Rose is making her film debut with Boy Friend. The actor later became active in Tamil and Telugu.

The actor is currently starring in a Telugu film with Balayya. Despite being busy with films, the actor remains quite active on social media. Through this, actors share pictures and videos of their photoshoots.

But the pictures shared by the actor are being criticized. The outfits of the stars are often the cause of criticism. Now Honey’s words are gathering discussion about the criticisms coming on her.

Honey says negative comments will come even if I put the veil now. Honey has given this response in an interview given to Behind Woods.

I wear clothes that are comfortable for me. Honey also asks what is the point of fearing someone who is not a part of our lives and is giving up.

Now even if I leave the curtain, negative comments will come. I wear clothes that are comfortable for me. The dress will be selected according to each event. People who call us for inauguration or something, they will have no problem with that.

And if you ask who has a problem, Honey Rose says it’s a small percentage of the people inside this phone.
Everyone has a life. I wish I could wear this dress.

But very few people say don’t do it. What is the point of being afraid of someone who is not a part of our life and letting go? Who can live like this’, asks Honey Rose.

I am the kind of person who gets upset over small things. As this continues over and over again, the effect will wear off. Honey Rose said that she does not care about such criticism anymore.

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