Elephant bows down in Ajagajantral, Malayalam audience pays their respects

Ajagajantram was one of the biggest hits of 2021. The film was directed by Tinnu Pappachan. Pappachan worked as an assistant to director Lijo Jose Pellissery. That’s why everyone who saw the film said that it is present to be seen throughout the film. The film also got a very good collection.

A central character in the film was played by an elephant. The film is set in a festival. Though there is no major storyline, the story of the film takes place against the backdrop of this festival. This elephant played a big role in this film. All the elephant scenes were amazing.

An elephant named Nadkal Unnikrishnan played this character. The performance of the elephant attracted a lot of attention of the people. All the elephant scenes were shot outdoors by the director and cameraman. All the people who saw the film said that when they were watching the film they felt that there was an elephant in the theatre.

Now many people are coming forward to pay tribute to Unnikrishnan. Actor Jairam and others have paid tribute by sharing the picture of the elephant on Facebook. At the same time, the audience is saying that we should have seen Unnikrishnan in many more films, but he died prematurely.