During my school days I never looked at girls face and was very shy, and it changed only after that incident – did you hear Dileep?

Dileep is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. He has been very active in Malayalam cinema for the past several decades. When asked who is next after Mammootty and Mohanlal, Malayalees have only one answer: Dileep. When asked who is the popular hero, from small children to adults, there is only one answer, Dileep.

Dileep is one of those names that have become a part of the cultural life of Malayalees. He is doing his degree in Maharaja College. Prior to this he studied at UC College for two years. But he could not complete the course. He was expelled from the college.

Now attention is paid to the things said in an interview given by him in the past. Dilip says that during school days he never even looked at the face of girls and did not even talk to them and was very shy. But in all the films we see in Dilipatan’s films, there are flirtatious characters in them. So it will be a big shock for Malayalees to know that Dileep is not like this in real life.

But Dileep says that things were not like this all the time and that changed after he joined college. Dilip says this was not the case with the girls studying with him and he was more friendly with our elder sisters. Dilip says that he didn’t write any love letter and the reason was to express his love.

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