Dressing up is an allergy – have you heard that Bollywood star? If you think they are joking, you are wrong, they actually have a disease, do you know the name of the disease?

Urfi Javed is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is noticed through Bollywood films. She has not acted in a single Malayalam film till now but she has many fans in Malayalam. The reason for this is his performance on social media. Her fashion sense is on another level. He has many fans across the country for the clothes he wears.

We can see the excellence of their attire mainly on festive days. She always wears very glamorous dress. Because of this, he always has to face a lot of criticism. Often Hindu organizations and Islamic organizations always come against them. He has also filed cases against the actress many times.

Now the actor revealed that he is allergic to wearing clothes. The actor said this in a post shared via social media. The actor says that this problem mostly occurs in cold weather. The actor said that’s why he doesn’t wear much clothes.

Meanwhile, the actor says that if he wears clothes that cover too much of his body, his body will start reacting. The actor said that it creates serious problems in the body. At the same time, the actor did not say this jokingly. Actually there is such a disease. The name of this disease is clothing dermatitis. It is a disease that occurs when the fabric of clothing rubs against our skin.