Don’t you remember when producer Swargachitra Appachan released a video making fun of Vijay Annan? Did Vijay make up for it with the new film Waaris? Who is Appi’s grandfather mentioned in the movie Waaris?

Dalapathy Vijay is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. It is a fact that he has not acted in a single Malayalam film till now, and it is only through Tamil films that he has been able to capture the hearts of the Malayalam people, and it is also a fact that his films are not accepted. are getting. Malayalam actors don’t get it. While he always works in action-oriented films, his last film is a family drama.

The name of this movie is Waaris. The film is directed by Telugu director Vamshi. Meanwhile, there is mention of a Malayali character in this film. His real name is Appachan. He is referred to as Appi in the film. At the same time, Malayalam film lovers are now in doubt whether she is the owner of Swargachitra production company Swargachitra Appachan.

Swargachitra Appachan was one of the famous Malayalam producers. But then he backtracked in a big way. He has recently produced the film CBI 5. Although it received negative reviews, the film was a major box office success. He has produced Vijay-starrer Azhakiya Tamil Magan. The film was not only a big failure, but it was also a big setback for the producer of the film Swara Film Apchan.

Also, there were reports that there were many problems between Appachan and Vijay during the making of this film. A few days back, Swarga Chitra Appachan appeared in a video on YouTube channel making fun of the winner. Instead, it is reported that Vijay mocked the Malayalam character Appachan in his new film by calling him ‘Appi’.

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