Don’t you remember the character James from the movie Autograph? Have you seen its current status?

Ranjith Raj is one of the favorite actors of Malayalees. Maybe they don’t understand this name. However, if you say that he is the actor who played James in the series Autograph, you will immediately understand him. Because Malayalees loved this series and all its characters very much. His mother is film actress Usha. Now he is handling the character of Shraddha in the series Kabani.

The actor is very active on social media. The actor shares all his new features with his fans. Now his latest feature has been noticed by the society in the media. Now he has shared the news that he has been discharged from the hospital. He says that he needs bed rest for a few days.

He also has a daughter. He is often seen reeling with his daughter. His wife is now in Ireland. He has gone there for work. Both had married in 2017. His wife’s name is Dhanya. Both had met through Facebook. Later this friendship reached marriage. Both of them had a baby girl named Isabel in the year 2019.

The news of his hospitalization was circulated on social media yesterday. All the fans were very sad to know that this news was true. Many people have come to inquire about the disease. But now he is out of the hospital and he is fine now but he needs bed rest for a few days. But they were not ready to tell what is the disease.

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