Don’t you remember actress Indraja? After many years the actor is here with a special news, we Malayalam audience can’t believe the news

Indraja is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She was one of the stars that once filled Malayalam cinema. Her real name is Rajati. After marriage, the actor took a short break from the film industry. He was very active in the film industry till 2007. He last worked in the 2007 Malayalam film Indrajith.

Later in 2014 he came back. He came back through Telugu films. Now he is preparing to return to Malayalam cinema. Preparations are being done on the sets of the film 12C. Meanwhile, another story is coming out about him.

Rao Ramesh is one of the leading actors of Telugu. He is also known to Malayalees through dubbing versions of several Telugu films. Now there are reports that he and Indraja are teaming up for a film. The name of the movie is Maruthi Nagar Subramaniam. It can be inferred from this that it will be a feel good film. It is known that this film will be directed by Raj Madhiraj.

It is known that the shooting of the film will start in March. It can be inferred from this that it will be a family comedy film. Anyway there are complaints that these kind of movies are now necessary to come from Telugu and the movies that are coming now are those movies which the whole family cannot watch and those or movies which have too many action scenes are distracting the kids.

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