Don’t you know how to come and answer alone, Anushree didn’t just go; Social media against Vishnu

The married life of actress Anushree and cameraman Vishnu became the talk of the town on social media. The two came together after a long period of love and later parted ways. To this both replied. Now here is a critique of Vishnu’s response.

Vishnu explains what happened between him and Anushree in front of his four friends, saying that Karthik is like Surya’s podcast video. Vishnu says there was no problem, there was no fight.

But even when he talks seriously about his family, his friends sit with him laughing. When Vishnu was talking about his share, he was saying that you did right. But the audience did not like the joke about his family life. Viewers also say that it was shown to increase the reach of the channel. Some people ask Vishnu that if he wants to answer then it is not enough to come alone and answer.

Before the release of this video, those who supported Vishnu have also started making allegations.

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