Don’t trust anyone emotionally. Diya Krishna – tells that Diya and Vaishnav love each other

Diya Krishna is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Diya Krishna is the third daughter of Krishnakumar. The actor has his own YouTube channel. Now the actors are conducting a question-and-answer session. Many interesting questions have come to the fore. But after answering all these questions Malayalees are almost confirming that the actor has broken up.

One question was what was the biggest lesson learned in life and did it ever come in handy later in life. Diya’s answer to this is- Don’t trust anyone except your family. On the other hand, when she was asked if she is currently dating anyone, the answer was that she is not dating anyone and is single. When asked if she is fine, Taraputri replied that I am absolutely fine.

At the same time, discussions like Diya’s breakup are happening on social media. Viewers say that the actor posted the break up. Also, viewers are sure that the actor is over the breakup now as Dia has officially announced that she is single. Apart from this, the actor has also deleted hundreds of pictures and videos shared with Vaishnav.

Tara and Vaishnam were in love for a long time. Both officially declared their love in 2021. Two years ago, in response to all the gossips, it was Vaishnav who revealed his love. But unexpectedly now the news of their separation is going viral on social media. Now the Malayalam audience is eager to know what happened between the two.

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