Don’t see communalism, caste, religion or politics in cinema; Producer NM Badusha about Malikappuram movie

Malikappuram, directed by debutant director Vishnu Shashi Shankar and starring Unnimukundan in the lead role, continues to garner a stupendous response. Many people from the field of cinema, politics and culture came to praise the film and Unni Mukundan.

Now after watching the film, the attention of producer NM Badusha is being drawn. Saw Malikapuram. NM Badusha wrote on social media that it is a very good film.

Watch movies only for entertainment. Don’t see communalism, caste, religion or politics in this.
Badusha also said that cinema is always the best entertainment if you can enjoy it without the poison of hatred.

In the words of NM Badusha-

Have you seen God? The real God is the one who helps us in human form when we need it. Malikapuram saw. awesome movie. The film, which released in late 2022, is still garnering love from the audience.

Undoubtedly, it is a family friendly film that will satisfy all kind of audience. None of the characters in Malikappuram can be erased from the mind.

Unni Mukundan, a real hero, is cool. Saiju Kurup and Ramesh Pisharti are also great. Piyush and Kallu are child actors. Their faces never disappear from sight.

Hats off to producers Anto Joseph and Venu Kunnapalli who came forward to make such a film. Following in his father’s footsteps, his son Vishnu shouldered the responsibility with a fine film.

A film that writer Abhilash and music director Ranjan can be proud of. So Malikappuram is a first-class feel-good film that excels in every way.

One last word: Watch movies only as entertainment. Don’t see communalism, caste, religion or politics in this.
Cinema is always the best form of entertainment if it can be enjoyed without the poison of hatred.
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