Does Prithviraj know the story of all Lokesh’s next films; lokesh kanakraj says on social media that rajuvetan is not the person we intended sir

Prithviraj had earlier said in an interview that he knew the story of projects with director Lokash Kanakraj since ten years.

Prithvi said that Lokesh had told him about Rolex’s character’s spin-off Kaati 2 and the currently under-production film Dalpati 67.

But after this statement many trolls came against Prithi. The high-pitched tussle was mainly a push-and-pull.

The joke was that if push came to shove, James Cameron would have told him the story of Avatar 5. Lokesh Kanagaraj has now reacted to the issue.

“Prithvi and I had decided to work together in a film. There was a line-up of what was going to be done next. He got excited when he heard it.

Every character in the film had a story. He said you really don’t have to write any other story for the next ten years. – Lokesh said.

But when Lokesh’s clarification came, social media said, ‘Rajuvetan is not the person we intended, sir.

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