Do you understand this serial’s actress and her husband’s midnight dance?

There is always a special curiosity among Malayalees to know the specialty of serial stars. Do you know the reason? We do not see serial stars only as actresses and actors. On the contrary, we see him as a child and a brother in our family. Many times we have seen older mothers crying after meeting serial actresses.

Knowing this, superstars share every small and big detail of their life with their fans. All of this quickly grabs social media attention. Now a video of an actress is being seen. Her husband is also in the video. Three more girls can be seen in the video.

She is dancing to a song which is currently trending on Instagram. He danced on the song Patli Qamar. The most notable thing is that they dance from the center of Natapathira. Do you know who is this actress? This star is also a guest who comes to your house every day. This star enters your home through the Santhavanam chain.

Raksha is playing the role of Aparna in this video. His full name is Raksha Raj. The actor is very active on social media. The actor is popularly known as Appukili on social media. Many girls are his fans. He got married recently. The actor was married to a man named Arkaj.