Do you understand this serial star who celebrates Christmas with the little ones? The audience thinks it’s a child’s mind

Malayalees are always curious to know the characteristics of movie serial stars. Now there is no need for his films to be serial features. To be honest, we are always more interested in knowing their personal details. This is because we do not see them as mere actors and actresses, but because we see and love them as members of our family.

Meanwhile, now a video of an actress is being seen a lot on social media. This video has been shared by the actor himself through Instagram. The video of the actress dancing with children singing Christmas carols has now gone viral. Now a lot of people have come forward with very nice comments below the video.

Needless to say, the serial star in the video is Raksha Raj. Perhaps the actress will not be able to understand this name immediately. But Malayalees will immediately understand that this is the actress who plays the role of Aparna in the Santhavanam serial. Because this series and all the characters in it are loved by Malayalees. Appu’s Aparna is loved by the audience like a daughter-in-law in her own house.

Aparna’s husband’s name is Arkaj. He has shared this video. Meanwhile, Aparna is known as Appukili on Facebook and Instagram. A large number of girls have become fans of Aparna. Lots of people always come under Aparna or Raksha’s pictures and videos and leave very nice comments.

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