Do you understand the person? This is a serial star which we see every day on Asianet, applicants said that they did not understand after watching this role.

Malayalam people will always have a special curiosity to know the characteristics of film serial stars. The reason for this is that we do not see serial stars only as actresses and actors. Rather we see and love them as a member of our household. That’s why we carry all their characteristics as the characteristics of the people in our house.

This is the reason why it has become common for superstars to announce their new features through social media. Almost all celebrities have an Instagram account and some celebrities also have a YouTube account. Through this, they are used to sharing every small and big detail of their life through Instagram in the form of pictures and YouTube in the form of videos. Now one such reel surfaced on Instagram is being looked into.

Do you know who shared this video? You cannot understand the person at first glance. But he is one of those people whom Malayalees see every day. He is playing the lead role in a major serial aired by Asianet. Viewers who understand him say that they did not understand seeing him in this role.

This is Srithu Krishnan who is playing the central character in the serial Ammayarithe. The actor plays in this series the role of Alena teacher. They are actually native to Tamil Nadu but not many people know this. Because their faces are full of Malayali quintessence. So all Malayalees or even Malayalees themselves see them as Malayalees.

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