Do you think you can’t understand people if you wear a mask? Malayalam audience also spotted the superstar at the airport

Malayalis don’t see superstars only as actresses. We see them as people of our own household. No matter how they come to our house, we recognize them all. It is the same with superstars. We have seen many of his roles on screen. Hence, the fact is that no matter how they come, Malayalees will recognize them all.

Now some pictures are going viral on social media. Pictures of husband and wife wearing masks are now going viral. Now you must be thinking what is the big deal in this? This is one actor whom Malayalees love a lot. His wife is with him.

This picture was taken yesterday at the Hyderabad International Airport. Both are going to Los Angeles. There is a special screening of a film in which the actor has acted recently. The 80th edition of the Golden Globe Awards is about to happen. His film has received two nominations.

Needless to say that we are talking about actor Ramcharan Teja. His latest film is RRR. This film is directed by Rajamouli. The film did a good collection but the film did not get good reviews from the critics. However, the film unexpectedly received international recognition. It can be said that there is no other Indian film which has received so much attention outside India. The film did such a good collection.

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