Do you see anything wrong with this dress? But now the bride and groom are getting death threats for wearing this dress and this is the reason

Usha Shah is one such actress who has many fans. They got married only a few days ago. They were seen in traditional Indian clothes. Her husband also appeared in similar Indian attire. But now both are facing a major cyber attack. He is now facing threats from the public. Do you know what all this is for?

She has to face this kind of attack because she has come to the wedding wearing such clothes. Meanwhile, now you must be wondering what is wrong with these clothes? But the truth is that the problem is not with them or the clothes they wear. Basically the problem is the society they live in. He lives in Pakistan.

This is the reason why now they are getting direct death threats for wearing Indian clothes in marriage. She is married to golf star Hamza Amin. All the pictures and videos of their wedding went viral on social media. After this there were many criticisms against him.

At the same time, viewers are saying that Indian traditional wear and jewelery are now being preferred by many for their weddings. But now a large number of people in Pakistan have come forward against this trend. The girl herself came forward to answer this – “For those who have complaints about my dress, I have not invited any of you to my wedding. I spent money on my wedding and wedding clothes. All weddings The clothes and jewelery are completely made in Pakistan. My heart is half Austrian” – replied the girl.

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