Do you know why this fish is called Unnimari? Malayalam audience was left in awe after hearing the interesting story

Unni Meri is one of the most loved stars of Malayalam. She was one of the stars that once filled Malayalam cinema. He has acted in almost all languages ​​of South India. In some industries she was known as Deepa. Although he is not very active in acting today, he is one of those stars who are still in the minds of Malayalees.

The actor is married to Roy. He was a professor. They were married in the year 1982. He has a son. Son’s name is Nirmal. Now his son is also married and has a child. In short, Unnimari has become a grandmother today, but her young face still remains etched in the minds of Malayalees.

He last appeared in Malayalam in 1992. Around that time, he also stopped acting in foreign languages. He was last seen in the film Adhana Ishta Kudamo. At the same time, an interesting story related to him is going viral on social media.

He had only one eye. Malayalees can never forget this. There is a fish whose eyes are almost like his. This fish was named unnimeri fish by the Malayalees as there is no specific name. Now an interesting story related to this is going viral on social media. The story goes like this:

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