Do you know why the principal expelled Dileep from his first college? then the audience wondered if the program was the same

Dileep is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. From small children to grandparents, when asked who is the popular hero of Malayalam cinema, only Dileep’s name will be mentioned. Dileep is one of those names that have become a part of the cultural life of Malayalees. We have seen most of Dileep’s films in our childhood. Today’s youth all say that Diliptan has helped a lot in making our childhood beautiful.

Meanwhile, he studied at the Maharaja’s College. He was very active in the field of arts. Meanwhile, he meets Nadirsha. After this their careers changed. But before joining the Maharajas, Dilip studied at UC College for two years. Dilip says that this is the reason for being removed from there.

Studied at UC College from 1985 to 1987. Dileep got third group for graduation. Dileep says that he wanted to take the group earlier but could not find it and it has been troubling him for some time. But Dileep says that later he felt that the group was somehow blessed by God. Dilip says that those who have taken the first group are learning a lot by rote, but those who have taken the third group are learning history without any problem.

At the same time, there was a disturbance behind his college. Dileep says that he has given work to many friends using this and because of this the principal asked him not to come to the college later. After Dilepetan’s father wrote in writing that his son would no longer attend college, the principal also gave a contact certificate. Dilipatan has shown many such scenes in the film and made us all laugh. Now viewers are asking if this was the same show when I was studying in college.

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