Do you know why the love of college days ran away and married in Madras and then both of them broke up? Viewers Say It’s Still the Reason for Most Divorces

Jagati and Mallika’s relationship has always been a favorite topic of gossip writers. Both had married in 1976. But this relationship lasted only for three years. Both of them got divorced in the year 1979. He does not have any child in this relationship. Whereas, do you know their love story?

After about 10 years of love, both of them decided to get married. The two have been close since college days. Both of them actively participated in the Kalotsav sites. In such a situation, friendship grows between the two. Both of them decided to get married by overcoming the opposition of the family members.

Both eloped to Madras to get married. Mallika remained very active in cinema during this period. Jagati is not getting any role. So it is said that there was an ego problem between the two. Meanwhile, Mallika met an actor named Sukumaran. Life in Madras after marriage was not very good. There were many problems financially. Ego issues flared up again between the two when Mallika became active in films again.

Later Mallika divorces Jagathy and marries Sukumaran. He had two children in this relationship. Mallika says that she broke up with Jagati when they realized that they could not live with each other. Meanwhile Mallika was only 39 years old at the time of Sukumaran’s death. Mallika Sukumaran says there are people who have asked me if I have got another marriage, but I didn’t think about marriage as I couldn’t see anyone else in the headquarters.

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