Do you know why Robin Radhakrishnan cried on the day of engagement? There’s an obvious reason behind this and when fans found out they supported Rob

Robin Radhakrishnan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is noticed through the show Bigg Boss. They got engaged a few days back. The actor is going to marry a man named Aarti Podhi. His behavior on the day of the engagement had become the cause of much criticism.

He shouted the name Aarti Podhi from the stage and there was a lot of controversy. Now Robin is coming forward to talk about the issue and his life after the engagement. In Rome, Radhakrishnan says that he has his own ways and characteristics and will not change even if someone advises him to change them. At the same time, he also said that those who want to post negative comments can continue to do so. He said all these things in a video made on Mukham Media.

“For the last few days I was thinking of making a video like this. Now the time has come. One year has passed since Bigg Boss season ended. The next season is about to start. I am very happy that many people Still miss me. Because of the love and support of many people, I have reached here. There are people who hate me. But they also become my inspiration. I want to tell my haters not to do the same. Can’t say. I owe it to those who love me and those who hate me.” – says Robin.

“Everyone says you have to change. Why am I changing? I am a normal person with lots of positives and negatives. I just do what I love. Don’t intrude into someone else’s personal space . Also you have to give me my space. Many people find my shouting a problem. There are people who say that it is not true. But I don’t go everywhere shouting. I am well aware that any How to behave on the spot. Wasn’t that my engagement? Aren’t we a paid event? Even if you ask me to change, I won’t change” – says the actor.

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