Do you know why Nandini did not get married even after the age of forty-two; Malayalees think it has become a bad cause

Nandini is a very popular actress among the Malayalam audience. The actor made his acting debut with the film on April 19 and has since gone on to appear in several hit films. Nandini was the heroine of superhit films like Karumadikuttan, Thachiledath Chundan, Aan Katha Kahaninu and Naranatha Thampuran.

Meanwhile, the actor received offers in other South Indian languages. The actor went on to act in a handful of films in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. The actor is currently active in Tamil serials. At the same time, the talk of Nandini not getting married despite her bright career has also disappointed her fans.

The actress celebrated her 42nd birthday on 30 December. Fans ask the actor why he is not married even at the age of forty-two.

Fans ask the actor if he didn’t get married because of love loss. While the talk of the actor’s marriage is gaining momentum on social media, the actor’s earlier words regarding marriage are once again making headlines.

‘I don’t want to live in a narrow circle of husband and children after marriage. Now there is happiness in walking freely. “I don’t want to destroy it,” said Nandini.

These are words that attract attention. Fans say that for the first time they are seeing someone who is refusing marriage because of this.

Meanwhile, the actress essayed the role of Nandini in the film which released on April 19. This changed the correct name of the poem
The actress was known as Nandini. The actor is known as Kaushalya in Tamil.


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