Do you know who is this girl who is seen as Mohanlal’s daughter in a scene in the movie Chhota Mumbai? She is the leading actress in Malayalam today

Malayalees have always had a special curiosity to know the childhood details of superstars. This is because we see superstars as more than just actors and actresses. Rather we see them as our own in our home. So we take all their characteristics as if they were the characteristics of people in our own household. Online media will give great importance to all these features.

Now the childhood picture of an actress is going viral. When we say ‘childhood temple’, we mean the film where he acted as a child artist. In the last scene of the movie Chhota Mumbai, a child comes and goes. It is believed to be the child of Mohanlal and Bhavna. Do you know who this kid really is today?

This girl is Anika who has fans in both Malayalam and Tamil. Recently, the actress debuted as a heroine in the film Oh My Darling. The film got very good reports. Many people came to appreciate the film. Meanwhile, Melvin played another central character in the film.

Apart from Malayalam, the actor has played notable roles in Tamil and Telugu. The actress has recently released a Telugu film. The film was a Telugu remake of Kapella. The actor played the role of Anna Ben in Malayalam in Telugu.

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