Do you know who first called Ismail Mammootty in Muhammad Kutty Pamparam? It was first called by one Sasidharan, you will be shocked to know who Sasidharan actually is

Mammootty is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. His real name is Muhammad Kutty Panaparampil Ismail. But all Malayalees call him Mammootty. Do you know who shortened his name from Muhammad Kutty to Mammootty? There is an interesting story behind it. Mammootty himself has disclosed this in an interview. Unnimukundan has now shared this video.

Many people think that Mammootty changed his name to Mohammed Kutty after entering cinema. but not really. This incident happened while studying in school. He realized that the name Muhammad Kutty was an old name. So he was known by another name among his friends. One day all his friends came to know his real name.

His classmates came to know that his name is Muhammad Kutty. There was also a friend named Sasidharan among them. Sasidharan’s words were something like – Oh, so your name is Mammootty. These words of Sasidharan later became a part of history. Sasidharan was the first person to call Mammootty by this name. But do you know where Sasidharan is in real life today?

Mammootty asked where Sasidharan is now. Now there has been a stir in the social media regarding the whereabouts of Sasidharan. Malayalees are now wondering how Mammootty and Sasidharan will be back together again. Anyway, now all Malayalees want such an opportunity to come.