Do you know which raga was sung by Yesudas the most? things most people don’t know

Do you know which raga was sung by Yesudas the most? Do you know in which year Daseton sang 234 film songs? Malayalam lyricist KJ Yesudas is celebrating his 82nd birthday today. There is no Malayali who does not like the voice of Gangandharva, which appeals to people of all age groups. Same voice multiple times. If you ask what separates Yesudas from the others, the answer is that there is only one Yesudas. Here are some interesting facts about Yesudas on his 83rd birthday.

Do you know which musician Yesudas has sung maximum number of songs? Devarajan Master. Yesudas has sung 654 songs composed by Master Devarajan. Another 339 songs composed by Master Raveendran.

Among the lyricists, Yesudas has sung film songs for Sreekumaran Thambi. 501 songs have been sung. 445 songs of viola have been sung. Below are songs by P Bhaskaran, Katpram, Bichu Tirumala, Poovachal Khadar, ONV, Girish Puthanchery and Yusuffali Kechery.

Mohanam is the raga that Yesudas has sung the most in film songs.

49 songs have been composed by Yesudas. Songs mostly by Vayalar and Sreekumaran Thambi.

Yesudas sang 234 film songs in the year 1982.

Yesudas has acted in twelve films. He first appeared in the film ‘Kavya Mela’ in 1965. In the film, Yesudas Anupallavi enters and sings the song ‘Swapnamale Vamanu Swargkumarilo’ to a group of people who come on stage.

In non-film songs, music direction by Alleppey Ranganath has sung more songs. 136 songs have been sung. Lalitha has sung all 93 songs of S Ramesh Nair.

Yesudas wrote a Christian devotional song for Sneharchan, a Christian music album released by Tarangini in 1997. Yesudas himself composed and sang the music for the song, which begins with ‘Baathleham Toshuthil’.

Yesudas wrote and composed the Hindu devotional songs ‘Swamin Nadathin Sovarme’ and ‘Pullont Pattul’. Both of these songs are from Tarangini’s 2006 album Kanappon Ayyappaganam.

Yesudas’s last released film song is ‘Arikil Nee Thanalai Naam’ sung for the upcoming film ’14 February’. Mammootty to release Yesudas’ new album ‘Tanichon Nadda’ in Kochi today.

Apart from Malayalam, Yesudas has sung in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Odia, Bengali, Marathi, Arabic, English, Latin and Russian.

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