Do you know what is the real life of Sethulakshmi who makes us laugh in the film? The audience did not know that his life was full of such crises

Sethulakshmi is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has played small and big characters in many films and serials. She is also playing a notable character in Mounragam series. These are the actors who make us laugh a lot on screen but in real life they have to overcome many challenges.

Kishore is their son. Kishore had a disease. Now the actor is talking about his son’s illness in an interview given to Grihalakshmi magazine. The actor says he was heartbroken when his son’s kidney failed. Life is in great danger. Actress Tesni Khan saw her suffering on the sets of a film. In such a situation, a request has been posted on Facebook for the treatment of the son.

Later many people came to help him. The son’s operation happened while he was making the film. The actor says his heart was filled with sadness, but he was acting in a comic role. The actor says if he felt a lot of stress in his life, it was an opportunity but somehow he acted.

The actor says that when he came to know that his son was fine and sleeping, he felt a sense of peace and in the evening everyone called him to cut the cake on the sets. Sethulakshmi says everyone joined her and celebrated her son, who was on death bed, got a new life. Sethulakshmi says that her son is completely healthy now.

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