Do you know the story of Prithviraj who didn’t wash his mouth after eating chicken and spit directly on Chandra’s face? Chandra Laxman told the incident that happened 20 years ago

Chandra Laxman is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor’s recognition comes through the television serial field. The actor was once active in the film industry as well. The actor is acting in the film Stop Violence for the first time in Malayalam. It was also the second film of Prithviraj’s career. The performance of both was highly appreciated. Chandra is now sharing the shooting details of this film on Flower TV’s program named Orukori.

Prithviraj played the role of the devil in this film. This character’s program is to chew paan with a blade in his mouth and spit it in his opponents’ faces. Then when she tries to wipe the pan on her face, the blade cuts her face. There is a romance scene between Prithviraj and Chandra in the film. It depicts a blackness thorny love as we see in Tik Tok today.

When Prithviraj spits on his face and he tries to wipe it, Prithviraj stops his hand. In such a situation, the romance between the two becomes a workout. Chandra says that it was a very interesting experience while shooting this scene. Prithviraj keeps teasing Chandra by saying many things.

Prithviraj used to make fun of him by saying that I did not wash my face after eating chicken, did not brush my teeth today. But Chandra says that he spat on her very seriously while shooting the scene. Chandra says it is the first time in his life that he has experienced such a thing, but in fact only in one shot he spit and in the rest of the scenes his face was clothed and Prithviraj spit on him.

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