Do you know the story of P Gopalakrishnan adopting the name Dileep? Superstitions and Numerology are not what you think, there is a very emotional story behind it

Dileep is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. His fans lovingly call him by the name of Dilipatan. From small children to adults, the same name is given when asked who is the popular hero in Malayalam cinema. This will be popular hero Dileep. This hasn’t changed over the past few decades.

Dileep is one of those names that have deeply influenced the cultural life of the Malayalees. There was a time when we couldn’t imagine a holiday without Dileep’s films. Currently, due to some personal reasons, he is not very active in the film industry, but he has many promising characters in the line-up.

We all know that his real name is Gopalakrishnan. He was earlier known as Aluva P Gopalakrishnan. While going to the mime show, Dilip was first called by this name while calling everyone on the stage. But now Dilip is telling the reason for changing this name and adopting the name Dilip.

“Dileep was the name I used to be called at home. When we go to a mime show, we are called on stage. Everyone has to be introduced. At that time my name was Aluva P Gopalakrishnan. The name was too long. Hence the name Dileep was settled later” – says Dileep. The audience said that now only they can understand the emotional story behind the incident.

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