Do you know the problem between Meghna and Jija? At last, with one word, all the problems were clarified and the event was like this

Jija Surendran is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Actors are recognized through films and serials. Now the actor has started his own YouTube channel and also shares all his small and big details through this channel. Recently there were reports on social media that there is some rift going on between the actress and Meghna Vincent. Now in the latest video shared by the actor, he is talking about this topic.

The actor begins the video by saying that he has one sad news and one happy news. The sad news was about the demise of the Kochu Premam actor. Apart from this, the actor later talked about the problem he had with Meghna. The actor says that Meghna is a really nice girl and she was doing well in all the serials.

The actress complains that her reply to a comment by that child was later widely viral by the YouTube media, but no one asked her and Meghna what was the truth behind it. Jija says that the social media has portrayed him as a negative character. But the actor says that such news should not be spread without knowing the truth of such cases.

When Kochu Premam went to see Chetan’s dead body, Meghana called him Annie, “Annie has any problem with me?” Jija says she asked. Jija says she is very beautiful Kunjumol and she stayed with me for a long time and Meghna says I felt very happy when aunty smiled seeing me. Jija says that she also faced a lot of problems in this matter and when Til saw her, she felt that she did not know how to react.

Jija further says that she was very happy when she was called Anti and whatever YouTube media says, we are not going to make any difference. The actor said that Meghna is actually like a daughter in his house. Brother-in-law says that when he was asked to tell everyone what is in our mind, Meghna agreed to say this and said that maybe this too would go viral.

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