Do you know the incident of Silk Smitha beating Shakeela’s carnat? Later, Silk Smitha gives a gift to Shakeela, but still Shakeela does not mend her temper, the story goes.

Silk Smitha is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She was once one of the actresses who created a huge wave in Indian cinema. But he faced a lot of neglect from the film industry. Perhaps that is why he decided to take his own life. However, the cause of his death is still unknown.

Similarly, Shakeela is one of the favorite stars of Malayalees. She is the only all India star of Malayalam cinema. The truth is that Indian audiences do not know any other Malayalam actor as much as they know him. At the same time, Shakeela was recently invited as the chief guest in a program of the temple. Many people appreciated the decision of the temple committee.

He recently gave an interview. He gave an interview to Milestone Makers. He shared his memories related to Silk Smitha. Both have worked together in a few films. Shakeela played the role of Silk Smitha’s sister in a film.

In one shot of the film, Silk Smitha’s character overpowers Shakeela’s character. Shakeela says that Silk Smitha actually slapped her on the cheek in that scene. Shakeela further says that she cried for a long time that day. But Shakeela says that the next day he gave her a basket full of chocolates as a gift, but she was still angry that he had beaten her. Shakeela says that Silk Smitha was not even ready to apologize for the incident.

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