Do you know the difficulties she faced to become the Aarti Krishna that you see today? Viewers said it was a surprising story

Aarthi Krishna is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. This Saredhu is going viral in the name of bodybuilder. Apart from this, Aarti is also very fond of bike riding. He has many fans on social media. She has won many awards like Miss Pathanamthitta and Miss Kerala Fitness. Recently, the actor also entered the television field. The actor came as a star magic guest. Meanwhile reports are coming that the actor will be in the next Bigg Boss season as well.

Now the actor is focusing on what he says in an interview given to a women’s magazine- “Till 8th class, I was only interested in studies. Didn’t really have any friends. Couldn’t make it with anyone. He generally preferred to be alone. Had secured 88% marks in 10th class. But when it was plus two it was only possible to get a pass. While studying in college, I met a teacher as a good friend. He had a mental attachment in a way. But that friendship ended. Then there was a depression. Many thoughts come in just sitting. So he even tried to commit suicide by drinking toilet cleaner. Dropping bullets and breaking nerves is all they tried to end his life” – says Aarti.

“The idea of ​​living alone came about in a big way. Then a pug was bought. named Urvashi. Along with this, there was a lot of change in life. Later he did PG in literature. Apart from this, he has also done MSc in Artificial Intelligence. Later bought many dogs. Raise them and earn some money. I bought a bike with that money” – says Aarti.

“Once while returning from work there was an accident. The car overturned and collided with the car coming from the opposite direction. Leg and waist were badly injured. Couldn’t even breathe properly. Doctors said that there is a problem in the spine. He also said that the legs might get tired. He was immediately shifted to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. Luckily there was no problem with the spine”, said Aarti.

“But due to a back injury, Nadu got a waist belt and was unable to get out of bed and had to lie down for several months. After the accident, my father was also silent on me. At that time doctors advise that there is no point in lying like this and you should exercise properly. The doctors told me to exercise but not to do any vigorous exercise.

But when someone tells you not to do something, you have the desire to do something. So I watched YouTube and filled a bottle of water and swung it over my head. It was an exercise for the arms. Afterwards weight training was done with each piece of equipment. After that I joined the gym. Whatever happened after that is history’ – says Aarti.

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