Do you know how this shirt came into his hands while wearing Mamuka? Here’s the funny story, knowing who she is will increase your respect for Mamuka

Mammootty is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is not only one of the biggest stars of Malayalam cinema, but also one of the best actors of Indian cinema. If you ask who is the best actor in Malayalam in the last few decades, one of the two answers will be his name.

Mammootty is one of those people who always gives unexpected gifts to his loved ones. He has given many love gifts to Asif Ali and Ramesh Pishardi. One such gift he gave to Robert Kuriakose is now being noticed. Who Are You Thinking Robert Kuriakose? This is the answer.

Share and Care Foundation is a foundation headed by Mammootty. Robert Kuriakose oversees it all. One of his notes is now being seen on social media.

“A picture of Mamuka wearing a shirt. Mamuka didn’t remove the knot, but Mamuka gave me the shirt that was stuck with the knot, which many people have knots. Washing and ironing clothes every day is a good memory for me . One morning Mamuka came wearing this shirt. Took many photos with him that day. No matter how much you take, it is not enough. Mamuka realized that I liked that shirt. When he came back after some time, he wore another shirt. That evening he wrapped the shirt in a bag and gave it to me. That shirt is this shirt” – this note was shared by Robert on social media.

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