Do not sleep with your wife, then no food will be fine; Naveen Arakkal said he should bow before his wife

Naveen Arakkal is a favorite of the miniscreen audience. More and more people are familiar with Naveen Star Magic, who has seen brilliant performances in many serial television shows. The actor is better known as the Muscleman on stage.

Now Naveen is participating as a family in Amrita TV’s show ‘Sahan Ghanpam’. Here is the actor’s answer to the question whether he beats his wife on the show.

Naveen replied that he would give it to the middle and the head. But the wife says it is more threats than assault. Later, Naveen said that he avoids it thinking that even if he gets caught, he will lose his job.

It is Naveen’s favor that he should not sleep with his wife. If you cheat on your wife then it is a big problem. It will be very difficult. No food is right. Sometimes Bhadrakali falls like drops. It’s okay if we go through adjustments. When they fall too much, we will reduce it. Naveen said that if it is so then no problem.