Do not mix politics and religion; Malikappuram is a feel good film, I liked the film because it was not intellectual; director nadirsha says

Malikappuram is a new movie starring Unnimukundan in lead role. Directed by debutant Vishnu Shashi Shankar, the film tells the story of eight-year-old Kalyani and her superhero Ayyappan. After watching the film, the audience is saying that the film written by Abhilash Pillai is a great family entertainer.

Many people are praising the film. Now director Nadirsha has come to praise the film. Nadirsha says that I liked the film because I am not an intellectual. Nadirsha also said that Malikappuram is a good film.

Nadirsha said that politics and religion should not be mixed in this, it is enough to accept the opinion of a true viewer who likes films. Malikappuram is a film that tells the story of an eight year old girl named Kalyani and her superhero Ayyappan. Malikappuram director Vishnu Shashishankar is the son of director Shashishankar, who made films like Narayam, Kunhikoonan and Mr. Butler.

The film also stars Saiju Kurup, Indrans, Manoj K Jayan, Ramesh Pisharti, Sampath Ram, Devanand and Shripad in other important roles. After Patham Vallav, Night Drive and Kadavar, ‘Malikappuram’ is another film written by Abhilash Pillai that caught the attention of the audience. The film is produced by Priya Venu and Neeta Pinto under the banner of Kavya Film Company and N Mega Media.

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