Dilip and Mirajasmin were seen in public after many years.

Dileep is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. If you ask who is the popular hero of Malayalam cinema, none other than Dileep will have the answer. Dileep is a popular hero from young children to grandparents and there is no other name that has influenced the cultural life of Malayalees to such an extent. Dilip’s fans say that Dilip has worked hard to make our childhood beautiful.

Meanwhile, Mirajasmin is another star who is loved by Malayalees. She was once one of the stars who filled Malayalam cinema, but later took a short break from the film industry. But recently he has made a strong comeback with the film Maal. Malayalees say they want more of his best roles.

Meanwhile, after many years, Dilip and Meera Jasmine have attended a public event. It is known that both had attended the wedding of a common friend. Its pictures are now going viral on social media. Lots of people coming forward with very nice comments below.

Now Malayalees are saying that it is nice to see both of them and they want to see both of them together in a film like in the past. At the same time, there is no official confirmation about whose wedding they have attended and there is still a dispute about whether the two came together or were photographed together after coming here. Anyway, this unexpected film has been turned into a celebration by Dileep fans and Mirajasmine fans alike.

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