Did you start taking off your clothes because there was no film? Here is the answer of the actress to the uncle and aunt who made obscene comments.

Nayana Elsa is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is seen through the film industry. Actors are also very active on social media. There have been many criticisms against the actor recently. All these criticisms happened due to the pictures shared by the actor on social media. Now the actor has come up with a befitting reply.

“We won’t be able to play all the roles. That’s why we do different kinds of photoshoots. When you see all this, sometimes you get a chance in some films. When you act, you can understand whether You didn’t get the role because you didn’t perform well. Often people avoid just looking at the looks’- said the actor.

Keeping many such reasons in mind, the decision to reduce weight was taken. The actor also says that it was only after this that he started doing photoshoots with bold looks. At the same time, the actor further said that since there is no film, people are commenting on the photo saying that they have started taking off their clothes and this is not something that anyone ever wants to hear. The actor says that some people say that I am exposing and let it be and not everyone likes it.

He asked if you judge the character of a girl by the length of her dress. He asked a very relevant question. The sight of WhatsApp uncles and aunties of the locality increasing daily in the country is happening in front of our eyes. Today all the young generation who have some knowledge and awareness are running away from the country. Only a few uncles and aunts are left here. Now everyone is worried about the future of Kerala.

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