Did you see who came to Dilip’s house? Dileep’s fans say that we have been waiting for this meeting for a long time.

Dileep is one of the most loved actors of Malayalees. When asked who is the popular hero in Malayalam cinema, from small kids to elders, the popular hero is Dileep. Dileep is one of those names that have become a part of the cultural life of Malayalees. Dilip’s fans always say that Dilip had a big hand in making our childhood beautiful.

One of his latest stories has gone viral on social media. Dilip and his family are not very active on social media. Both share pictures together only on certain days. Even the details of the movies he is acting in are very scarce. Hence Dileep’s fans take very carefully all the details shared by others about Dileep and his family.

Do you know who has come to Diliptan now? Rafi Mathira, a famous producer and distributor, has met him at home. Rafi Mathira himself has given this information officially through social media. At the same time, he officially announced that Dileep would be the hero in his latest production partner.

At the same time, Dileep is currently working in the film Bandra. This film is directed by Arun Gopi. Tamanna is debuting in Malayalam through this film. At the same time, the audience is saying that this will be a big comeback for Dileep, who has not got any hit for a while.

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