Did you see Ravinder and Mahalakshmi’s humiliation after their marriage? Some from abroad, some from YouTube channel, some from news channel – what wrong have they done to harm them like this?

Producer Ravichander and his wife actress Mahalakshmi are the most loved stars of Malayalees. Both had married last year. It was their love marriage. After a normal marriage, the newlyweds will get many blessings. But all he got were trolls and abuses.

Ravichander is a slightly chubby person. Apart from this, he is also a little black. So, it is true that she has endured a lot of body-shaming comments since her childhood. Now after marriage he is experiencing it again. Many people are making lewd comments on their wedding pictures. They say sarcastic words that make you sick to hear them. Now this couple is talking about three humiliations that you will have to face after marriage.

The first insult was from abroad. After marriage, both went abroad for honeymoon. Some people from there directly reached him and tried to take selfie. He said that he has not seen any of his films. But he said that the news of your marriage had gone viral and we met you all like this.

The humiliation he received later came from YouTube channels and news channels in India itself. A YouTube channel recently told that when Ambani’s son got married, Ravichander and Mahalakshmi from North India got married. Ambani’s son Anand Ambani is also a slightly chubby person.

Meanwhile, a news channel gave the news as follows – 10 major incidents happened in the year 2022. How does getting married between two people become such a big event? At the same time, both say that they do not care about these things now and we are watching all this for our happiness.

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