Did you notice how many people called out Arti’s father after she revealed her romance with Robin? Onlookers wondered if the entire province had been lost to the natives, thus the incident happened

Aarti Podhi is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She is known as the daughter of Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan. The two meet unexpectedly during an interview. Later both of them became friends and now they are engaged. It has been announced that they will get engaged in the month of February. Now the things said by the actor in the interview given on the Behind Woods channel have been looked into.

Only a few months ago, both of them officially expressed their love. Aarti now says that many people called her father and cried. At first my father did not understand what was happening. Aarti says she told everything to her father.

Aarti was in Hyderabad when Bigg Boss was on. Aarti says that she could not watch any episode of Bigg Boss. But Aarti also says that she started watching Bigg Boss because of Robin Chetan. Aarti is now saying that many people were like this and many people cried when Robin Chetan left. Aarti says that seeing her crying, she started watching Bigg Boss videos to know what happened.

A lot of people called my dad on the phone when we made it official that we were in a relationship. They were all crying out. My father did not understand what happened. Later, I explained everything to my father – added Aarti.