Did you listen to Major Ravi about the movie Malikapuram? Malayalam audience didn’t expect these words from a director promoting nationalism through cinema

Malikappuram movie is doing wonders in Malayalam cinema. Unnimukundan plays the central role in the film. This film is directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar. The film was released with heavy promotional programs but to be honest, the general movie goers didn’t have much faith in the film. But to everyone’s surprise the film got overwhelmingly positive reports and the film is now on its way to become a super hit.

Lots of people come out with great comments. Everyone is of the opinion that everyone can enjoy cinema without the shackles of religion and politics. At the same time, it is also a fact that a section of people have come forward with criticism of the film.

The criticism is that the film promotes certain ideas and that certain political parties are used to promote the film. But dedicated activists of the film have come out many times to clarify that there is nothing to be seen and there is no politics behind it. Now the words of director Major Ravi are being looked into regarding this film. He replied on Facebook.

Major Ravi says that this is a film that everyone can enjoy. He said that religion and politics should not be unnecessarily dragged into it. At the same time, many good comments are also coming on his post. Read his post which is going viral on Facebook:

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