Did you hear what Shamila Syed Ali Fathima said about Unni Mukundan? Those who hate Unni Mukundan on the basis of religion and politics must read

Unni Mukundan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He comes from a family with no film tradition and is entering Malayalam cinema. He is one of the best young actors in Malayalam today. He is not only one of the most admired stars in Malayalam, but he is also gearing up to become one of the leading producers in Malayalam.

Both his films got a very good response from the audience. Now his latest film Malikappuram is making a splash in the theatres. Not only was Malikappuram a film that came out without expectations, but the film faced massive protests from several quarters at the time of its release. It is alleged that the film has been made keeping in mind a particular group of people and the makers are trying to propagate various agendas through the film.

But giving air to all the allegations, the film has crossed the figure of 50 crores and has now crossed the figure of 100 crores. It is also a fact that the film has been dubbed in other languages ​​as well and it is getting very good reports here too. Malikappuram is now preparing to become the center of Malayalam cinema. The film revolves around two children. The film tells the story of a little girl named Kalyani who wants to climb Sabarimala.

At the same time, the words of a girl on Facebook regarding Unnimukan are going viral. A young woman named Shamila Syed Ali Fathima shared these words about Unni Mukundan on Facebook. Many people made very good comments under this post. Fans of Unni Mukundan say that those who ignore Unni Mukundan in the name of religion and politics must read these words. Here’s the woman’s Facebook post for her:

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