Did you hear what NS Madhavan said about the movie Romancham? Kerala youth tells Madhavan that this is not a film for uncles and staying at home is not enough at this age

Romancham is one of the best movies to hit the theaters this year. This film was made in a very low budget. The film can be said to have been shot almost from a house. But now the film is doing wonders in the theatres. The film is facing huge rush every weekend. The film is considered to be one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Malayalam cinema.

At the same time, literary critic NS Madhavan is now criticizing the film. He says that the film did not impress him at all. But people are flocking to theaters to watch this film. He also asks on Twitter that he does not understand why this is so.

Writer Ajay P Mangat replied that some people may not like the film as it is out of date. But NS Madhavan himself came forward to answer this. NS Madhavan also said that sometimes people do not like it because they live before their time.

Meanwhile, now many people are criticizing Madhavan. The youth of Kerala say that they have not read a single book written by NS Madhavan. At the same time, the youth of Kerala are reminded that Romancham is a film that has collected more than 50 crores from Kerala and similarly if NS Madhavan says that he did not like a film, then nothing special is going to happen to the film. .

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