Did you hear what Aamir Khan predicted about Malavika? The actress didn’t believe then but later it turned out to be true – Malayalam audience asked Aamir Khan to leave the film and see an astrologer

Malavika Mohanan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor made his debut in Malayalam cinema but later moved to Telugu and Tamil cinema. Now the actor is gearing up to make a comeback in Malayalam cinema with the film Christy. Mathew plays another central character in the film. Now Malavika is talking openly about her life in Mumbai.

The actor comes from a family with a film tradition. Mohanan is his father. He works in Bollywood films. Malavika says that she has gone to the shooting location of some films. The actor is now sharing an experience when he was younger when he went to watch the shooting of a film and then from there and Aamir Khan.

“It was when I was in college. We went to see the shooting of the film with Papa. Aamir Khan is the hero of this film. My friends and I acted in a small shot in that film. Aamir Khan during the shooting asked me something out of the blue,” says Malvika.

Aamir Khan asked if you want to be Aravan in future. At that time I was in a dilemma as to what career to take. Then Aamir Khan said that you will become an actress. At that time Star was not convinced at all, but later Star himself says that the prediction came true.

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