Did you hear Nadirsha talking about Malikappuram movie? The audience said that the problem we all have is the introduction of religion in everything.

Unni Mukundan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He comes from a family without any film tradition. To say that he has reached here without any godfather in the film. Unni Mukundan is not only one of the most admired young actors in Malayalam today, but he is also one of the leading producers in Malayalam.

Malikappuram is the latest film in which he acted as the protagonist. The film hit the theaters yesterday. The film is getting very good reports. Everyone says that this is a film which can be watched by children, youth and family alike. At the same time, the audience added that it is a feeling film.

Now Nadirsha’s words regarding the film are being looked into. He wrote these words on Facebook. Many people are now coming forward by commenting below. There is another similarity between Unni Mukundan and Nadirsha. do you know what it is?

Like Unni Mukundan, Nadirsha is one of those who entered cinema without a godfather. Both of them have reached here only because of their hard work and talent. Hence, Malayalees say that it was a very good decision on the part of Nadirsha to make such comments about the film Malikappuram. At the same time, Nadirsha said that religion and politics should not be mixed in everything. Read the full text of Nadirsha’s post:

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