Did you hear Manoj K Jayan talking about Malikappuram movie? – You have worked in this film, why are you saying so, asked the audience

Manoj K Jayan is one of the favorite stars of Malayalees. He has been active in Malayalam cinema for the past several decades. He has done a lot of lead roles, co-lead roles and anti-hero roles. We can say without any doubt that Manoj K Jayan is one of the best character actors ever in the history of Malayalam cinema.

But since last few years he is not much active in Malayalam cinema. Malayalees rarely get their best characters. Now Malayali has got one of his best characters. He is playing a notable character in the movie Malikapuram. But the biggest worry for his fans and Malayalam film audiences is that he appears in only a few scenes.

Meanwhile, Malikappuram has become a huge hit in the theatres. Unni Mukundan is playing the central character in the film. However, the two children are the central characters of the film. Malayalees describe this film as Kantara of Malayali. It is almost certain that the film will make a tremendous collection.

Meanwhile, Manoj’s Jayan’s post regarding this film is now being noticed. He is praising the film a lot. Malayalees are now asking if this is the same film you acted in and then you are praising yourself. Anyway, the post shared by Manoj K Jayan on Facebook has now gone viral. Read the post going viral on Facebook: