Did you hear Kalpana talking openly about her health in an interview just before she died? the audience really miss you

Kalpana is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor was noticed through comedy roles. She is one of the actresses with best comedy timing in Malayalam. But his unexpected death happened when he was garnering more attention by playing a serious character. It was an incident that sent shockwaves across the Malayalam audience.

The actor left us in 2016. The cause of death was heart attack. The actor had received a National Award a few years prior to this incident. Kalpana says that when she got the award, she could not believe it. Apart from this, the actor also said that he has not forgotten much about the time of receiving the award.

“I have not yet photographed the award at home. Awards can never impress me. But health will affect me. Health problems are always there. Besides, I am a person who has no excessive wants and desires. I am not a person who tries whatever I see ”- this was said by Kalpana in an interview.

Meanwhile, the actor was last seen in the film Charlie. It was one of the best roles in the career of the actress. Kalpana says that when the actress was first called for the film for which she got the National Award, she first called her sister Urvashi as the heroine. Kalpana says that if this had happened, the distribution of the film would have been better.