Did you hear Arya’s answer to the question why she is not seen much in the film? The actor gave a straight answer to this and the audience said that this is the situation with most of the actresses and many do not speak openly.

Arya is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. They are given notice through a program called Badhaai Bangla. Later she has appeared as an anchor in many programs. Apart from this, he was seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss season two. Recently the actor also started a venture. The actor started a venture called Kanjeevaram. Recently a new showroom has been opened in Kochi.

Meanwhile, the actor is currently playing the lead role in a film. The actor is playing the lead role in the film 90 Minutes. Now the actor is in the promotional programs of this film. As a part of this, the actor gives several interviews. Now the interview given by Beta Media Star is being looked into. Things said by the actor in this program are now being noticed.

He said, ‘The way I was before coming to Bigg Boss, I am the same after coming to the show. To be honest, not much has changed. And if we ask if we have adapted anything from there, then we have learned how to overcome the negativity that comes in our life and move forward” – says Arya.

The actor has played minor and major roles in several films. But now for the first time the actor is playing a full character in a film. There was a question whether he is working in so few films because of being selective. The answer of the actress on this is now being noticed – I am never selective. It’s because I can’t find the characters. I don’t usually get opportunities from films. Being selective gets you nothing, whereas Malayalees are now appreciating Arya’s brave reply.

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