Did you get the job done with botox treatments? Have you seen Alia’s new look?

Alia is a busy actress in Bollywood and has been active in film Meghalaya since childhood. The acting skills of the actress should also be mentioned. Alia has worked in many films before this. It can be said that everything is a hit. It didn’t take long for Alia to win the hearts of fans with her stellar performance.

During this, Alia became a mother. But the actor has not yet released the picture of his baby girl. Videos of Alia regaining her old beauty after giving birth to her child have reached the social media. Alia Bhatt is doing gym along with yoga. But now the fans are surprised to see some pictures of Alia that have surfaced.

In the new video, Alia looks like a very old woman with chubby cheeks. After the video went viral, social media has come to the conclusion that Alia had undergone botox treatment to enhance her beauty.

Some are even asking whether Alia’s face has changed like this because of botox treatment. Some even said that they could not identify the person. Fans commented that Alia’s nose and cheeks have changed a lot.

Alia attended Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s birthday party last night. Alia was the heroine in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s films including Gangubhai Kathiawadi. Alia is also one of Bhansali’s favorite actresses.


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