Diagnosed three years ago, who knows what the journey ahead will hold; robin

The audience knows Robin through Bigg Boss. But Rob could not last even 100 days in the show. Rob was evicted from the Bigg Boss house after slapping a fellow contestant. But Rob came out and was well received by the audience.

Robin had informed that he and Aarti would get married soon. Now both are preparing for it. Earlier Robin had put on weight for his new film and decided to lose weight when the engagement date came. Robin had earlier told about his illness. Robin has said that this disease was detected three years ago.

While opening the head, it felt as if some small thing had collided. On examination, it was found that a bone tumor was growing in the skull. The tumor is growing slowly. Intermittent severe headache and mood swings. An MRI scan should be done every year to check whether the tumor has spread to the brain.

If this tumor grows and reaches the brain, some complications may occur. I have to fight this disease and move forward. It is not even a part of life. Who knows what will happen in the journey ahead,’ said Robin.

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