Dhyan Srinivasan came on stage mistaking me as his son and his father laughingly called him on stage.

Dhyan Srinivasan, who believes that I am his son, come on stage, his father called him on stage and was laughing.

Srinivasan’s star family is loved by the Malayalam film audience. Apart from acting, directing and writing, the stars of Srinivasan Parivar are loved by the audience for their open-minded conversations in interviews. Dhyan Srinivasan is at the forefront in this regard.

Dhyan shared his funny experience when his father invited him on stage for his wedding. Dhyan shared his experience with Srinivasan during their wedding on Flower Channel’s Star Magic.

‘My wedding was a very simple ceremony. It was a back-and-forth incident. Do you know what it feels like to invite my father upstage for a wedding? Dhyan Srinivasan, who believes that I am his son, will come on stage. Someone made a video of this. Firstly, we are teased and brought on stage,’ Dhyan said.

Meditation in the program also said about Vineeth Srinivasan. Gandhi was born on 2 October. Puli (Vineeth Sreenivasan) is born a day before his birth i.e. on 1st October. That means Ethan was born before Gandhiji. That’s why there is a discussion among our friends that Puli went so sincerely.

Gandhiji has also done a lot in his life. In his autobiography Satyanveshan Prakashan Katha, Puli has told a lot about what he did. It states that Puli used to lie, Puli has shown false behavior in childhood. But to my knowledge, Eaton has done nothing like this.

To be honest, as far as I know, Polly has never lied or misrepresented anything. Not only this, I have never seen a mole abusing even a single human being. And if anyone has been treated like this, it is only me,’ Dhyan Srinivasan said.

Content Highlight: Dhyan shares his hilarious experience when his father invited him on stage for his wedding

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