Dhanya Ananya acted by going to Kochi and meeting a lot of people and learning the style of the language: Tarun Murthy

In 2022 ‘Saudi Vellakka’ was the Malayalam film that caught the attention of the audience. However, other than the OTT release, the film has received mixed reviews. Newcomer Devi Varma came in as the central character Ayushumma. She was also voiced by actress Polly Walson. Actress Srinda has also lent her voice to the character played by Dhanya Ananya.

Though, the actors and the dubbing actors have performed well, but the audience is pointing out the lack of compatibility with each other. Viewers say that the dubbed actors are very familiar to the audience and remember them on hearing their voices. Now the director is revealing the circumstances behind Devi Varma’s dubbing.

“That mother said in the beginning that she will not dub. Dubbed too, AC. While committing the film, it was said that it was difficult to abuse while sitting in a room. But at the last moment I agreed to dub on my insistence. Studio came for I decided not to go due to health problems and went back.

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‘Blessed Ananya has done well. Dhanya Ananya went to Kochi and met many people and learned the style of the language. When I saw it after the shoot, I felt that Naseema’s character should have been a bit more disgusting. I felt that if ‘Chelap’ was a bit too much, the character would have got irritated. Tarun Murthy said that Srinda had come to dub with Dhanya’s permission.

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